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American Poets Project
Muriel Rukeyser Adrienne Rich

Muriel Rukeyser: Selected Poems

edited by adrienne rich

About the Editor
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Above: Muriel Rukeyser, Adrienne Rich


The poetry of Muriel Rukeyser confronts the turbulent currents of 20th-century history, as it explores with depth and honesty the realms of politics, sexuality, mythic imagination, technological change, and family life. She was a social activist of unwavering commitment, a tireless experimenter who opened fresh forms and fresh subject matter in modern American poetry, and a writer who was constantly testing her own limits in a life's work of extraordinary scope.

"She refused to compartmentalize herself or her work," writes editor Adrienne Rich, "claiming her right to intellect and sexuality, poetry and science, Marxism and myth, activism and motherhood, theory and vision...She was one of the great integrators, seeing the fragmentary world of modernity not as irretrievably broken, but in need of societal and emotional repair." This new selection provides an indispensable introduction to her adventurous and prolific work.

Rukeyser photo courtesy Library of Congress; Rich photo © Lillian Kemp.

Muriel Rukeyser: Selected Poems book jacket
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